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A Charitable Remainder Trust can provide lifetime income to you while ultimately benefiting NYF. You can donate an asset, such as appreciated real estate, appreciated stock, or cash, to NYF. NYF will then sell the assets without paying capital gains tax and invest the proceeds—paying a monthly income to you for life, and if you wish, to your heirs for life or for a term of years. After the death of all income beneficiaries, your trust will help thousands of impoverished children improve their lives. What a legacy!

Your trust may provide several important tax benefits:

  • Since a charitable remainder trust can sell assets without paying capital gains tax, it is particularly beneficial to donors who want to sell highly appreciated assets. Sometimes thousands of dollars that would have gone to capital gains taxes remain in the trust, generating income for you.
  • You will receive an immediate income tax deduction for the value of the donation.
  • The trust principal is not subject to estate tax

Ways to fund your Charitable Trust

A Charitable Remainder Trust can be done with multiple types of giving. We need more here for sure. Just using some of what is currently on the page.

  • Cash or Stocks
  • Appreciated Real Estate
  • Leveraging Your Home or Other Assets
  • Giving Part of a Property

Still have questions?

Complete the form below and you’ll be able to download our helpful guide to setting up your charitable trust.

Or if you’d like to discuss how you can support impoverished children in Nepal through planned giving, please call NYF at (415) 331-8585 or email Although NYF does not offer professional legal advice, we are happy to work with your tax advisor to find the best solution for you. All information is provided confidentially and without any obligation.

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