Smart Giving: Stocks, DAFs, and Crypto

Rather than donating cash, many donors are opting for smarter giving—non-cash options that not only support our mission but may also offer a variety of tax benefits. Scroll through to learn more about giving via stocks, cryptocurrency, IRA, and donor-advised funds.

Explore our smarter giving options powered by our partners at FreeWill:

We’re thrilled to partner with FreeWill!

FreeWill’s savvy tools allow you and other friends in the NYF Community to champion our work in Nepal the way you want—in under a few minutes. Explore smarter, non-cash donations like stock, crypto, DAF and IRA gifts to ensure that thousands of kids each year are educated, protected, nourished, and most importantly, loved. Learn more about our partnership with FreeWill here.

(Did you know that our partnership with FreeWill also allows you to write a legal will online completely for free? Check it out here!)