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HIV/AIDS Awareness Campaign: Radio PSAs

As part of NYF’s HIV/AIDS Awareness & Advocacy campaign, our New Life Center team created two informative public service announcements about HIV/AIDS in Nepali language to broadcast across the country. You can click on the videos to hear each radio announcement. An English translation of the announcements can be found below each video.

The following two sets of radio announcements in Nepali language played several times a day via Ujyalo FM network across the country. We also made sure to broadcast the same announcements in Bhojpuri language (local language) in some districts where Nepali language is uncommon. Districts covered in Bhojpuir language include: Bara, Parsa, Makwanpur and Rautahat.

Radio Announcement #1

Let’s talk about HIV&AIDS openly.

  • HIV does not spread by eating together, sitting together, studying together, or playing together. It also does not spread through insect bites and mosquito bites.
  • It does not spread by handshake, hugging, kissing, wearing the infected person’s clothes or using the same toilet.
  • If treated in time, infected people can live normal lives therefore make sure to take medication regularly and live a healthy life.
  • HIV medicine ARV is available in every public hospital for free.
  • Its important to understand that people with HIV&AIDS are just like any other people.

End all forms of discrimination against people infected with HIV/AIDS and treat them equally.

Radio Announcement #2

Let’s talk about HIV&AIDS openly.

HIV is not the result of bad behavior, but of unpreparedness.

Therefore, in order to avoid getting HIV&AIDS, lets:

  • Avoid unsafe sex.
  • Never re-use sharp objects (like shaving tools at hairdressers) used by other people.
  • Use only lab-tested blood for transfusion.
  • Prevent untimely death by treating infected people in time. If treated in time even infected pregnant mothers can give birth to a healthy child.