J&K Village: From dream to reality

J&K Village: From dream to reality


Children lay the cornerstone of the new J & K Village

Surrounded by their J&K House brothers and sisters and other well-wishers, five children laid the cornerstone of their new home on Saturday on July 19.

The joyful ceremony brought us closer to our dream of building a permanent residence for the vulnerable children in our care.

Crews began construction of the new children’s village last month. The complex will have houses for the boys and girls, a dining hall, two hostels for the teenagers, farmland, large play area, a vocational education center and a guest house.

We are booking the movers for October 2015. We hope you will join us for the inauguration!

One thing we’re still working on is coming up with a great name for the new village, and you can help. Please send your suggestions for a new name to Jackie Frost, our Development and Communications Manager at Thank you!

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Kids at the site of the future J & K Village.

Laying the corerstone at the new J & K Village

The land at site of the future J & K Village