The Nepal Youth Foundation was founded in 1990 by a group of open-hearted, tenacious optimists—led by lawyer Olga Murray—determined to help Nepali children access education. Over thirty years later, we’ve supported over 60,000 children and families in Nepal to access high-quality Education, Health, Shelter, and Freedom, plus Emergency Relief when it’s needed most.

From a dream kindled on a Himalayan trek in 1984, to a handful of scholarships from Olga’s own pocket and onward to the present day, NYF has always been grounded in the problems facing Nepal’s young people right now.

As Nepal’s education system, health care infrastructure, social safeguards, and economy grow and develop, NYF’s president Som Paneru champions flexible, precise steps towards equality and prosperity for children throughout his country.

Matching resources from loving supporters in the United States with culturally appropriate, locally led programs designed and implemented by Nepal’s own advocates and experts, NYF is transforming lives, empowering families, strengthening communities, and emboldening a generation.

Our work is grounded in love and fueled by the creative, resilient, can-do approach we bring to our programming every day. At NYF, we know that #LoveWorks—and our supporters know it, too.

Some of our supporters have visited Nepal and fallen in love with the country as a whole: its rich and complex cultures, its breathtaking landscapes, its welcoming people, and its joyful, funny, amiable children. They’ve returned home determined to help make life better for the people living in the new country of their hearts.

Many others have found us by chance and been inspired by our practical, experience-driven ambitions—and the success stories that follow close behind.

Children served by NYF are becoming Nepal’s teachers, engineers, NGO leaders, doctors, lawyers, green farmers, role models, care workers, and more. They’re building strong families and giving back to their communities in ways we can hardly imagine.

And they’re just getting started. So are we.

Check out our Programs page to learn more about NYF’s present—and future.

To learn more about our founder, Olga Murray, and the first 25 years of NYF, check out Olga’s memoir, Olga’s Promise: One Woman’s Commitment to the Children of Nepal.

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