Mayama: CASHE’s Valentine’s Day Collection Shows #LoveWorks

Mayama: CASHE’s Valentine’s Day Collection Shows #LoveWorks

Mayama is Nepali for “In Love.” CASHE’s founders, couple Giulia Giancola and Vlad Litinetsky, have built their luxury cashmere brand on love, empathy, and appreciation. CASHE introduced their partnership with NYF here, and their brand’s commitment to Fair Trade, gender equality, ethical working environments, empowered entrepreneurship for traditional Nepalese craftspeople, and cultural respect make them a joy to work with.

CASHE donates 10% of all their proceeds to NYF, and they’re generously using their brand’s media attention to boost NYF’s visibility. CASHE thoughtfully spotlighted NYF in this recent appearance in British Vogue, as well as in People’s Valentine’s list.

Giulia Giancola and Vlad Litinetsky hope CASHE's Mayama luxury cashmere collection will elevate Nepal's skilled artisans.

Mayama: the Collection

Now CASHE is offering a beautiful new Valentine’s Day collection called “Mayama”. These lovingly-designed His&Hers robes capture the timeless spirit of romance. Each purchase supports Nepalese farmers and artisans whose families have worked with cashmere for generations.

Explore Mayama here, and check out CASHE’s other luxurious collections. On the CASHE website, you can also learn about the ways philanthropy inspires and guides their brand.

Introducing CASHE's Mayama collection.

Mayama indeed! We’re definitely feeling the love at NYF. Giulia and Vlad’s love for Nepal’s people and traditions fills us with joy.


In a recent Forbes spot, CASHE briefly highlighted the intricate process behind cashmere’s unmatched comfort.

Giulia and Vlad fell in love with Nepal and its craftspeople on an adventure trip in December 2019, when they discovered the deep well of culture behind Kathmandu’s rich cashmere industry. They marveled at the quality of the handcrafted products available, examining scarves, blankets, and more to admire the differing techniques used by each vender.

Their tour guide and friend, Bipin, was delighted to share stories of cashmere’s history as they traveled between attractions.

CASHE luxury cashmere is made by Nepalese artisans who have worked with cashmere for generations.

Many people are surprised to learn that even now, 100% cashmere is crafted by hand. From the beginning, as Himalayan farmers hand-brush their cashmere goats to collect the precious raw fibers in the springtime, the process is so delicate and precise that no machine can do it. (And inventors have tried!)

The fibers are hand-sorted to isolate the special, soft, warm undercoat from the goats’ coarser outer hairs. Each goat only produces a small amount of this wool each year—not even enough for a single scarf. Nepalese families who have worked with cashmere for generations then wash, dye, and dry the wool before spinning it into thread or yarn—again, by hand.

Machines can’t accomplish the spinning because individual raw cashmere fibers are so short. Only well-practiced human fingers can ensure the spinning produces long, smooth, consistent, unbroken threads. This work is painstaking, and there are no shortcuts. The Nepalese artisans behind this work have devoted years of their lives to developing this skill.

Smoother than silk, finer than lambswool, warmer than alpaca; simultaneously durable, biodegradable, renewable, and sustainable—cashmere has been a global fixture of luxury fashion and comfort for centuries.

But so often, the history of cashmere as a textile erases the role of the traditional Himalayan artisans and craftspeople who developed this remarkable product in the first place.

CASHE wants to highlight and elevate these remarkable artists—and to ensure that Nepalese craftspeople are treated fairly in the global market.

“We want our standards as customers to translate into the manufacturing of CASHE,” Giulia says.

“There’s something so special about knowing how and where your clothes are made, and the cross-generational value that cashmere has in Nepal.”

Vlad adds, “There is a great deal of pride in the local craftsmen and women that ensures genuine quality. CASHE is more than ready-to-wear; it’s a tool for us to educate our consumers on the craft and its connection to Nepal.”


Vlad and Giulia’s love for Nepal extends far beyond cashmere.

“After spending time in Nepal and getting to know the beautiful culture, its people and their stories, we were motivated to give back and honor the values that brought our ideas to life. Now more than ever, it’s crucial that philanthropy is part of our brand DNA,” Vlad says.

That’s why 10% of all CASHE proceeds are donated to NYF—helping ensure Freedom, Shelter, Health, and Education for Nepalese children and young adults.

Say "I love you" with a Mayama cashmere robe from CASHE - and make sure your #LoveWorks!

As CASHE and NYF take on 2021 together, we can expect extraordinary momentum around philanthropy, sustainability, and most importantly, education. Giulia is looking to disrupt philanthropic entrepreneurship and female leadership, bringing new meaning to worldly fashion. The Mayama Valentine’s Day collection is only a small a piece of that process—but one CASHE is proud to share, spreading love and kindness across the globe.

CASHE is making sure their #LoveWorks by keeping philanthropy and ethical entrepreneurship front and center as their brand grows. And NYF is so proud of the partnership we’re building!

As CASHE prepares to launch a new collection in March (promising striking new styles inspired by the natural wonders of Nepal!), we at NYF want to encourage attention to CASHE and brands like them. There are so many ways to ensure your #LoveWorks!

Happy Valentine’s Day!