Whole Foods Tea sections in Colorado now carry Nepali Tea Traders tea

Nepali Tea Traders now in Whole Foods Market Colorado

Whole Foods Market tea sections across Colorado will now carry Nepali Tea Traders organic tea! Their Kalo Chia Black Tea just won a top ranking at the North American Tea Championship, an independent professional competition that distinguishes the highest quality and best tasting teas commercially available.

And a selection of six of their special organic teas from small farms in Nepal is now available in Whole Foods Market locations across Colorado.

Benefits for farmers
Launched in the fall of 2012 by a group of Colorado social entrepreneurs, Nepali Tea Traders is committed to fair prices for farmers and reinvestment in the tea industry in Nepal. The company’s teas are cultivated on small farms by growers who rely on natural, chemical-free farming methods.

“We’re working to ensure fair wages, sustainable environmental practices and responsible working conditions for our farmers and tea workers,” said founder and CEO Maggie Le Beau. “We’ve selected our business partners because they are investing in their people and operations — and we share their progressive vision of the potential of the tea industry to transform Nepal.”

Benefits for Nepal Youth Foundation
Building a thriving and sustainable tea industry in Nepal is just one part of the mission of Nepali Tea Traders. They’re also using the company to generate support for NYF.  Pick up their delicious tea at Whole Foods Market acrross Colorado.

“Nepal is one the poorest countries in Asia, and there are many serious needs that we’ve seen firsthand in Kathmandu and the rural areas,” Maggie explained. “We’ve chosen to focus our philanthropic efforts on Nepal Youth Foundation, which has done incredible work over the past 24 years. So every purchase from Nepali Tea Traders will help support this outstanding organization.”

Many thanks to Maggie and the team at Nepali Tea Traders!
Visit the Nepali Tea Traders website to see their full line of tea, teaware and gifts or pop by your local Whole Foods Market tea section in Colorado today.