Slavery in Nepal – A New Film highlights Nepal Youth Foundation

Slavery in Nepal – A New Film highlights Nepal Youth Foundation


Slavery in Nepal impacts the people and communities of Nepal in horrific, but there is hope.  Nine-year old Vivienne Harr and her Make a Stand Lemon-aid have already inspired millions of people to join the movement to end child slavery and slavery in Nepal. Now the message will reach millions more around the world through a hauntingly beautiful and compelling feature documentary, #standwithme.

In addition to Vivienne’s story, the film also educates viewers about child slavery through the work of acclaimed photographer, Lisa Kristine, and two organizations with a global reach: Free the Slaves and Fair Trade USA.

#standwithme opens in February 2014 with a 30-city tour of North America, and there’s no doubt that this powerful film will earn broader distribution and reach a worldwide audience.

Slavery in Nepal - A New Film highlights Nepal Youth FoundationFilm highlights NYF’s work to end slavery in Nepal

Midway through #standwithme is a poignant scene showing a meeting between Vivienne and our very own Olga Murray, NYF’s Founder and Honorary President. Nepal Youth Foundation is one of six organizations selected to receive a portion of Make a Stand’s gross revenue. It’s heartwarming to see 9-year old Vivienne and 88-year old Olga talk about their shared passion for ending child slavery.

A simple call to action: Do something
“Central to the theme of our movie is the moment each of our main characters learned that slavery still exists in the world, and the action they took once they knew,” explains Co-Director Patrick Moreau of Still Motion, the innovative production company that created #standwithme. “Until we met Vivienne, we didn’t know the degree to which slavery exists in our modern world — but the moment we were made aware, we had to do something. This movie is our something.”

We’re honored that Nepal Youth Foundation is included in the film helping to shed light on slavery in Nepal, and we congratulate Still Motion on their remarkable accomplishment.

Learn more about Nepal Youth Foundation
We’ve rescued over 12,000 girls from indentured servitude and ended the system of Kamlari in Nepal. Now we’re working to empower the newly freed young women through vocational training, leadership development and economic opportunities.

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