NYF’s Nutritional Rehabilitation Home Offers Temporary Home to Injured Nepalis

NYF’s Nutritional Rehabilitation Home Offers Temporary Home to Injured Nepalis


Olga wrote today about some of the things that NYF has helped with in the last 48 hours…11169620_863739910340131_4775791828556160457_o

Within hours after the worst aftershocks stopped, Som visited Teaching Hospital, Nepali’s premier and most efficient government hospital, and spoke to the senior doctors there. Within a few hours, there were 20 staff members in my living room to discuss what to do and how to get it done.

11170294_863740277006761_6663354186659800717_oThe hospital needed surgical supplies immediately to perform critical surgeries; Som authorized them to choose what they needed from the local surgical shops up to $30,000 and send us the bill. They needed immediately 200 mattresses and bedding to accommodate injured people sleeping outdoors on the bare ground or in the corridors. We had these to them within 24 hours. They desperately want to discharge patients ready to go home who cannot do so because they have no relatives to come for them, their houses have been destroyed, or there is no transport. They need the beds for injured and sick patients who are sleeping on the floor or outside, and they need the hospital staff to attend to these injured and sick patients instead of those ready for discharge.11203642_863740283673427_9221957839230466117_o

Today, we are setting up a facility for these people at the Nutritional Rehabilitation Home, since there are only a few children left there, and it is a perfect place for this. It can accommodate a substantial number of beds, patients with orthopedic problems can sleep on the ground floor, there is an excellent, large kitchen with a staff trained to cook nutritious food, and a small medical unit. 40 former kamlari girls we are training as medical assistants are arriving in a few minutes from their training school in northwest Nepal to provide care. We have just ordered tents from a local, reliable tentmaker to house 1000 people, and provide them with blankets and mattresses.10658609_863740183673437_2549170055209442742_o

And this is only the start.