Successful Nutritional Rehabilitation Homes Handovers “On The Road”

Successful Nutritional Rehabilitation Homes Handovers “On The Road”

These lifesaving Nutritional Rehabilitation Homes that you helped NYF establish will continue long into the future.

Nutrition Rehabilitation Homes (NRHs) Handovers – July 2018 This month, Nepal Youth Foundation held ceremonies to hand over four of our NRHs to the Nepali government.  Located in Dailekh, Dang, Butwal, and Baglung , these NRHs will now be fully operated and funded by the government, with ongoing monitoring and training from NYF staff at our main Kathmandu NRH. Honored dignitaries, including the Deputy Mayor and Chief of the District Coordination Committee, joined NYF-Nepal Executive Director Raju Dhamala and NYF staff at these special events. The Chairpersons of the Hospital Development Board applauded NYF’s long-term work to transform children’s health,  and they assured full commitment in continuing these vital services post handover. NYF is so grateful to the Hospital Development Boards and The Child Health Division (Government of Nepal) for their partnership and key roles in the remarkable success of this program.  Learn more about NYF’s Nutritional Rehabilitation Homes and our sustainable model where the homes we establish are transitioned to the government over the course of five years. Our 17th NRH was established in 2017 in remote Dadeldhura and will be operated by NYF through 2021. While our permanent flagship NRH in Kathmandu continues to provide treatment and serve as a training hub, as of this month 15 NRHs have been fully transitioned to the government. This partnership will ensure the continuation of life-saving services for the future – as we leverage our expertise to take nutrition “on the road” to remote and isolated villages. “On the Road” Nutrition Outreach Nutrition Outreach is bringing life-saving specialized nutrition education and treatment to remote communities that are isolated by rough terrain and lack of transportation. Through each two to three day camp, NYF reaches 500-800 children and their caregivers whose health and lives are forever transformed thanks to supporters like you. The goals of this program include both intervention, and prevention. Camp activities include nutritional screening and general health checkup of children; hygiene and nutrition education, with a special emphasis on using locally available ingredients; distribution of medicine to children as needed; and transporting severely malnourished children for treatment at the closest NRH (estimated to be at least 14 child-mother pairs per camp). Thanks to your generosity, some of the most desperately malnourished, ill children in Nepal have a chance to lead healthy, productive lives. Please click here to support NYF’s work and make a profound difference in the lives of so many. If you’re interested in sponsoring a Nutrition Outreach camp, with a donation of $3,000 to $5,ooo, please contact us directly at

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