Your Support is Helping NYF and Mandira Create a Ripple Effect of Help

Your Support is Helping NYF and Mandira Create a Ripple Effect of Help


Mandira teaching, a typically male role

Mandira was 15 years old when electricity finally reached her remote village in Nepal.  Everyone was delighted, but when the power went down, no one knew how to “bring it back.”  Remarkably, a young person – a female— in their own village had a dream to be able to do exactly that. From one of six children in a farming family to a successful electrician who teaches at Olgapuri Vocational School, Mandira’s dream is now a reality.

Whether or not you had the chance to read NYF’s Fall Newsletter in which Olga writes about the tremendous success of our vocational training program in the context of alarming unemployment and underemployment in Nepal, we hope you are inspired by Mandira’s journey.

Mandira was raised in a remote village, where her parents were farmers.  She walked an hour each day to and from school, and, along with her siblings, helped with the farm work before and after class.  She finished high school, received vocational training, and worked for five years as a professional electrician.

Mandira is an excellent instructor and a charming, socially minded young woman. One of her duties is to convince employers who have never hired a woman electrician or plumber before that women are fully capable of doing the job – an effort in which she has been very successful.

Super Trainer Mandira

She attends college from 6 to 9 am, works full time at Olgapuri Vocational School in her role as a trainer, and finds time on weekends to help disabled youngsters play basketball and other sports.

Your support of NYF’s work not only creates life-changing opportunities for the youth in our programs, but empowers knowledgeable women like Mandira to transform their communities.  Dhanyabad!